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Basically a Doctor

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Tales of Humor

The 4th and final year of medical school is a bizarre time. From the outsider’s perspective, it’s the culmination of 4. Whole. Years. You should basically be a doctor...right?

Well, between residency and graduation, interview season hits. In these interview-filled months, I went on 23 interviews, spent 100% of my mom’s Southwest points she had collected over the last decade, gained 10% of my body weight at interview dinners, and lost 99% of all knowledge I ever gained in medical school.

You get off the plane. You struggle a bit to get your carry on suitcase out of the overhead bin (because MS4s never risk checking their suit) and do an awkward jog to the nearest airport bathroom. You try to shimmy off the Lululemon leggings that your sister (who went to graduate school for exactly 3 years to become a lawyer but makes more money than the rest of the doctors in your family combined) bought you while trying not to let your bare feet touch the nasty airport bathroom floor. You shake the wrinkles out of the familiar outfit that you wear to basically every pre-interview social and give it a sniff to make sure it smells okay, even though there's no alternative if it stinks. Spray some dry shampoo and switch out your Adidas for some Steve Madden. Stuff your stuff back into your bulging bag that contains supplies supposed to last at least 6 interviews. You jog to the passenger pick up area of the airport and see if Lyft or Uber is cheaper right now. Usually Lyft. You get in it.

“Are you just visiting for fun?” “Oh, I’m actually in town for a job interview.” “Cool. What job?” “I’m in medical school, and I am applying for residency.” “That’s great. What kind of nurse will you be?”

You bring your carry on into the restaurant where the social is, and spend the next 2-3 hours chatting with other MS4s who also probably haven’t been home in weeks. You get back to your hotel around 9 or 10 pm, struggle to fall asleep because you’re scared you’ll sleep through your alarm, and wake up just hours later, ready to take on interview day. Repeat.

Welcome to MS4. You’re basically a doctor.

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