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Lessons Learned

New Series

Humorous Teachings by Med Students for Med Students!

Lesson #1: “Do you need help with anything else?” is universal for “Get me the heck out of here.”
Lesson #2: Thou shall not study anatomy of the reproductive system at Starbucks.
Lesson #3: If you want medical students to come to an event, you have to have food!
Lesson #4: Being told “Thanks Doc!” feels both so wrong and so right.
Lesson #5: There is no stronger vasopressor than your patient prefacing his/her history to the Attending with “Like I told the medical student…"
Lesson #6: It does not matter how far away you are from the scrub table, be careful because you almost broke sterile field!
Lesson #7: An attending’s physical exam with the one location auscultation translates to a 12 system complete exam in their note.
Lesson #8: Psychation is real.
Lesson #9: Of all the greatest inventions of mankind, 2x playback speed is definitely at the top.
Lesson #10: When the professor says the exam will be just like what he/she covered in lectures, they always seem to hand out the wrong exam!
Lesson #11: I always thought the best medicine is preventive medicine…turns out the real answer is prednisone!
Lesson #12: “It depends” is always a right answer when you can’t think of one.
Lesson #13: Just memorize the Anki card and move on!
Lesson #14: You're lucky if more than one person is actually listening to you present on rounds, and that one person is probably you so don't sweat it too much.
Lesson #15: The shorter the White Coat, the more a MRSA-carrying vector.
Lesson #16: The only better feeling than waking up knowing you can wear scrubs is finding out that lunch is provided that day!
Lesson #17: The best day of the week is Mandatory Lecture Day.
Lesson #18: You’ll never know if that drool stain is from cute, slobbering Johnny on Pediatrics or from the time you slept in your White Coat on Labor & Delivery night shift.
Lesson #19: If your muscular preclinical forearms impede the white coat sleeve roll-up, just wait ‘til Day 1 of MS3 right after completing STEP 1!
Lesson #20: You'll know you've made it in your career the day you can finally ask somebody else, "Can I borrow a pen?"
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