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Loving Her Dearly

Tales of Joy

When the love of my life started medical school, I knew she would need all of my support to get through it. I knew this

because she told me.

“Sam,” she said. “I will need all of your support to get through this.”

I smiled, kissed her face, and she stroked my hair the way she always does. “I’m serious,” she said. “This will take a lot out of me, and I don’t know if I’ll be the same person coming out.” She turned my head until her eyes leveled with mine. “Don’t lose me, okay?”

I nodded in agreement. But I didn’t know how much that would entail.

“I love you,” she’d say in the morning. “I’ll see you when I get back.”

I never know when she’ll be back.

There are long days, days when I find myself waiting for her to return, running in circles, almost driving myself crazy with worry. Is this worth it? Who am I? Who is that strange man coming to the doorbell? What if she leaves me for someone else? She never does, though.

There are days when I know she’d be too tired to cook. I wish I could cook; I wish I could cook so badly to make her happy. But I don’t know how. One time I gathered my favorite things for her to eat. She picked through it, smiled politely, and made both of us dinner.

I wish I could cook, so that I can love her more.

There are days when she cries. These are the days when she needs me the most, to listen, to just be there. Days before exams.

Days after exams.

We don’t lie in bed and cuddle anymore like we used to.There is no more time for that.

We have fights.

“Let’s go out,” I’d say. “We should really go out, blow off some steam. Come on, we’ll have a ball.”

“I can’t. I have Renal.”


I knew that she would be suffering, but to this extent, I did not know. Her mind wanders; am I losing her?

Never. Her heart is tethered on a leash to mine.

During these times, I can only wag my tail, await her return, and give her all of my love.

It’s the best a dog can do.

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